Reading Block for K-2

Reading Block for first and second grade is 75-80 minutes of instruction on the student’s instructional level. It includes word study and guided reading.

  • Word study for the OPLC is Project Read Phonology which is a multi-sensory program utilizing direct teaching of concepts to be mastered by your child.

  • Guided reading instruction is to take your child from where they are in their reading development and move them towards independence at a higher level.

In Kindergarten Reading Block is a 40-50 minute period which includes:

  • Phonemic awareness: The ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words.

  • Phonics instruction: Project Read is a step by step way, covering all the basic sounds in the English language: (the consonant sounds, the blends, the digraphs, the vowels, and various combinations).

  • Guided reading: a small group of students who are at or about the same reading level are helped through a text by a teacher.