Steven A. Leever

Steven A. Leever

I am proud to serve the Octorara Area School District community as their Superintendent of Schools. It is our vision to empower students to build successful futures. We do this through creating a culture of high expectations, a commitment to developing lifelong learning, developing students who will contribute positively to any community that they serve and live in. A father of four adult children, my wife and I live on a farm just north of here in Lancaster County. Entering my 36th year in education, I have been privileged to serve in a wide range of environments that I believe will be of benefit to the students of Octorara. I view education as the highest calling that one can commit to and the lifetime success of students as the primary purpose of everything we do.

I have been asked, why Octorara? There are many reasons, but I will try to capture the essence of what outsiders can see as they pass by. Octorara residents are proud of their district and schools and care deeply about the education that students receive. Our CTE program is rare for a district of our size and provides OASD students opportunities that students in other districts do not have. I live in the country and deeply appreciate the country feel of Octorara, but value the diversity present in the classrooms that help our students understand the broader world that are the Counties of Lancaster and Chester. Finally, in all of my interactions, I find a community and professional staff that is truly committed to providing the best for the students of OASD.

The belief I hold above all others is that all students can learn, and it is our responsibility as educators to set the context for growth as we help our students to maximize their opportunities for success. At Octorara, we commit to continually strive to improve our teaching, use of data, and systems to best support our students, academically and socially. Our belief is that we are developing students that are bold, responsible, ambitious, virtuous, energetic and self-less. It is these qualities that we most want to see in our students and I ask you to join us in preparing them for successful futures as proud Brave graduates. 

If there is anything that you think I can be helpful with, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Email Steven A. Leever or (610) 593-8238 Ext. 30500.

Steven A. Leever, Ed.D.

Superintendent Evaluation

Performance Standards

Pennsylvania School Code requires that school boards develop objective performance standards to annually evaluate the performance of the Superintendent of Schools. The objective performance standards must be mutually agreed upon by both the board and the superintendent and posted to the school district’s website. To that end, the Octorara School District’s Board of Directors and Dr. Michele M. Orner have mutually agreed upon the objective performance standards listed below:


  1. Relationship with the Board

  • Keeps the Board informed on issues, needs, and operation of the District.

  • Offers professional advice to the Board on items requiring Board action, with appropriate recommendations based on thorough analysis.

  • Interprets and executes the intent of Board policy.

  • Seeks and accepts constructive criticism of his or her work.

  • Supports Board policy and actions to the public and staff.

  • Accepts responsibility for maintaining liaison between the Board and personnel.

  • Goes immediately and directly to the Board when he feels an honest, objective difference of opinion exists between him or her and any or all members of the Board and makes an honest effort to resolve such differences.

  1. Execution of District Goals

  • Develops measurable goals for execution by District Leadership Team

  • Communicates goals clearly to the Board.

  • Reports to the board regularly on goal progress.

  1. Faculty, Community and Personnel Relationships

  • Develops and executes sound personnel procedures and practices.

  • Gains respect and support of the community on the conduct of the school district’s operation.

  • Engages with the community on issues pertaining to the direction of the District.

  • Develops a strong working relationship with the Octorara Area Teachers Association.

  • Remains visible and accessible to faculty, staff, and community.

  1. Leadership

  • Moves the organization forward on a path of continuous improvement.

  • Plans for short-term and long-term success of the district.

  • Develops the capacity of District Leaders in supporting growth in achievement and staff capacity.

  1. Business and Finance

  • Keeps the Board and District informed on needs of the programs, facilities, equipment and supplies.

  • Engages in long-term planning for the continued financial success and stability of the District.

  • Continually reviews district human resources to maximize efficiency.

  1. Personal Qualities

  • Maintains high standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in all personal and professional matters.

  • Consistently exercises sound judgment when interacting with others.

  • Consistently exercises even temperament when interacting with others.

Personal Goals  

  1. Comprehensive Plan Development

    • Establishes a timeline and successfully executes the Comprehensive Planning process in a timely manner.

    • Effectively communicates with the students, board, staff and community the plan for the future.

    • Visibly supports the mission, vision and values of the District.

  1. Continuous Improvement Foundations

    • Reinforces a culture of high expectations for achievement.

    • Works with administrators to develop systems for continuous improvement.

    • Provides opportunities for staff and leadership development for growth.

  1. District Communication Plan

    • Conduct a review of District communications.

    • Seek feedback on District communication from various stakeholders.

    • Establishes routines to optimize District communication.

  1. Comprehensive Systems Review

    • Conduct a review of various District systems of operation.

    • Study effective structures that exist in peer Districts.

    • Establishes a road map for creating and refining District systems to maximize opportunities for success of students.

The Octorara Board of School Directors has determined the Superintendent of Schools met the objective performance standards established for the 2023-2024 school year