Career Plan Graduation Portfolio

Career Portfolio Requirements and Timeline Guide and Forms

Create a Career Plan Portfolio.  Each portfolio should contain the following items:


  1. Binder Cover with Student Name and Program

    1. Binder Sleeve Label

    2. Binder Dividers

  2. Binder Dividers

  3. Complete Career Plan Form the first year in the Octorara Homeland Security & Protective Services Academy

    1. Career Plan

  4. Cover Letter

    1. Cover Letter Template

  5. Resume using template

    1. Resume Template

  6. Participate in an Interview

    1. Thank You Letter Template

  7. Career Preparation:

    1. Community Activity

      1. Community Activity Form

    2. School Activity

      1. School Activity Form

    3. Achievements

      1. Achievements

  8. Copies of Industry Certifications

  9. Career Experience Summary

    1. Career Summary Form

Each item must be completed in its entirety, using proper grammar, complete sentences and in your own words.

A reume is a work in progress.  You will update it as you get new jobs, certifications and achievements. 

Where you see an **** on the resume template you will replace this with your own information (example: **** High School will become Octorara Area Senior High School).

Some things to consider in the EMPLOYMENT section of your resume:

  • For a summer job, you can list the date as Summer Employment 2014

  • If you are still working at a company the end date is PRESENT

  • If you do not have a job include volunteer work (ie: fire fighter) or delete the section.

If a section or bullet does not apply to you, remove it from the resume.