Student Teaching / Pre-Teaching / Observation Hours

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Support for Completing Student Teaching, Pre-Student Teaching, and Observation Hours at Octorara Schools

The Octorara Area School District welcomes individuals who wish to conduct their student teaching, pre-student teaching and/or observation hours in Octorara’s schools. To ensure the safety and security of staff and students, all requests must come through and be approved by the teaching candidate’s college/university. Prospective candidates may not contact individual teachers directly prior to this approval process. Please have the college/university representative (education department, field placement office, college advisor, or professor) contact Dr. Michele M. Orner, Superintendent, to process this request at  The request should include:

1. College/university student’s name and e-mail contact,
2. Total hours required,
3. Start and ending date when the student teaching, pre-student teaching, and/or observation hours can occur,
4. Level (elementary, middle, high school) and/or subject you are requesting; and,
5. Other pertinent information related to the requirements of this placement.

Once the request is approved, the college/university student may utilize the teacher’s e-mail address to set up dates and times for the student teaching, pre-student teaching, and/or observation. 

The Octorara Area School District looks forward to working with prospective educators to maximize students’ opportunities for success.

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