Title I Reading

What is the Title 1 Reading Program?

This is a federally funded program under the “No Child Left Behind Act.” It provides additional guided practice for the development of reading skills and strategies that are being taught in the classroom. Students receiving additional practice in reading through Title 1may be pulled from other unified arts subjects.

Quick Tips/Websites

Quick Tips brochures for parents in English and Spanish are available in our entryway in the following titles:

  • Learning Secrets to use at Home

  • How to Work With Your Child's Teachers

  • Ways Busy Parents Can Help Children Succeed in School

  • What to Do If Your Child is Having a Problem in School

  • It's Never Too Late to Get Involved

Student Tips brochures are available in our entryway in the following titles:

  • How to Remember What You've Learned

  • How to Take Good Notes

  • How to Tackle Large Assignments

Additional resources are available in the Title I Reading Room by appointment.

The Reading Connection newsletter goes home with students every month. This newsletter gives valuable reading tips for parents and students, as well as websites for further reading exploration.

The following are reading website resources for students:

The following are reading websites for parents:

Contact Information

Lisa Welsh,
Reading Specialist
(610) 593-4608, Ext. 40210