Diversified Occupations

The Diversified Occupations Program is an educational program that combines classroom instruction with on the job training in a career area of the student's choice. This unique program of education is designed to integrate classroom study in employability and life skills with planned, supervised, practical work experience.

The Diversified Occupations (DO) Program is a partnership between local business/industry and the Octorara Area Career and Technical Education Programs (OACTEP). Career competency and the manipulative aspects of a skill are developed at the job training site. Related classroom theory is offered through planned periods of instruction in the Octorara Junior/Senior High School. The Diversified Occupations (DO) serves heterogeneous groups of students whose career objectives are not met by attending any of the existing career & technical education programs offered at OACTEP. Maintaining employment and class attendance are essential to successful completion of the course requirements.

The Diversified Occupations Program was designed:

  1. To provide training in those vocational-technical areas not presently being offered at OACTEP or comprehensive high

  2. To serve students who are unable to gain admission to a vocational -technical program due to excessive applicants.

  3. To serve students who may drop out of school because of financial, domestic and/or scholastic problems.

  4. To provide training for students who need an alternative form of education which meets their unique needs?

Students must take the “YES” course (491) in conjunction with Diversified Occupations.