Policies and Procedures

Library Policies and Procedures

Every week, students will have the opportunity to choose and check out two (2) books from the library. Library books are to be returned on the next library day. If the books are not returned to the library on the assigned day, the parent will receive an emailed overdue notice to remind him/her that their student has books to return to the library. Students with overdue books will still be allowed to choose one (1) book from the library, but must keep it at school until the overdue books are returned. Each week, if library books are not returned, the parent will receive an emailed overdue notice. Students are allowed to have up to three (3) books checked out at one time. Students with three (3) books checked out will not be allowed to check out additional books until the overdue books are returned, replaced, or paid for.

Replacing a Lost/Damaged Book

The replacement must be exactly the same as the lost/damaged book. For example: If the book in question is a hardback book, it must be replaced with a hardback book and not a paperback version of that book. Books from online book companies tend to be less expensive than those purchased from a bookstore.

Paying for Lost/Damaged Books

If a book is being paid for, cash or check is accepted. Please make checks payable to OPLC. Be aware that when we figure the cost of a book, we consider all aspects of the cost of that book, including the shipping and processing. Your check for lost/damaged books is sent to the district office to be deposited into the library account. If the book is found after the money has been deposited, reimbursement can be obtained by contacting the district office. Ultimately, our goal is to have all of the books returned to the library for all the children to enjoy.

Please remember that library books are public property and need to be taken care of for the whole school community to share.