How is my child being instructed in math?

Students receive focused math instruction using GoMath as the main resource as well as instruction on basic addition and subtraction facts. All instruction is aligned with the Pennsylvania and Core Academic Math Standards. Throughout the year, students will participate in a wide variety of mathematics activities through hands-on experiences, discussions, and inquiry-based learning. The GoMath Math Series, as well as other math resources, technology and manipulatives assist teachers in maximizing student achievement.

Math Support

OASD's math support program is found in grades K-8. Supplemental math instruction is offered in addition to regular math instruction. The math coach and math assistants work with each child's classroom teacher to design appropriate instruction. They offer a variety of teaching strategies and materials tailored to each child's strengths and needs. Depending on the child's needs, the math support program provides extra time for math instruction through push-in (assistance given in the classroom) or pull-out (students are taken out of the classroom to work in a separate area) methods.