Safety Information

Electronic Visitor Management System

As part of our on-going efforts to provide effective security for our students and staff, please be aware of new visitor procedures.

Please take a moment to review these important guidelines for our visitors:

  • All visitors who are entering a school with the intent to go into the school building must enter through the main office and register.  You will need your driver's license to register.

  • The visitor identification system will then run a background check, and a visitor badge with your photo will then print in the main office. 

  • You will be given your visitor badge in the main office, which must be worn while in the building.

  • When leaving the building, visitors must return to the main office in order to be checked out.  This will allow us to know at all times which visitors are in the building

These procedures are only in place for visitors who are requesting access into all school buildings within the Octorara Area School District.

As with any new procedures, we anticipate that there may be glitches in the beginning that we need to resolve. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we move forward with our efforts to make all of our schools a safe learning environment.

New Requirements for School Volunteers

Threat Assessment Team

Purpose of Octorara Area School District's Threat Assessment Team: Assessment of and intervention with students whose behavior may indicate a threat to the safety of the student, other students, school employees, school facilities, the community, or others. 

Octorara Area School District Threat Assessment Team Members:

  • Michele Orner: Superintendent and Safety and Security Coordinator

  • Jon Propper: Jr. Sr. High School Principal and Threat Assessment Team Leader

  • Daniel McKeown/Dave Chenger: Campus Security Officers

  • Krista Lease: OPLC Principal

  • Jill Bright: OPLC Intervention Specialist

  • Sarah Kluge: OPLC School Counselor

  • Brian Dikun: OES Principal

  • Josh Irons: OES Intervention Specialist

  • Michelle Moran: OES School Counselor

  • Christian Haller: OIS Principal

  • Lisa Steiner: OIS School Counselor

  • Wendy Risch: OIS School Nurse

School and Community Safety Meeting