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Welcome to the Octorara Area School District

Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, the Octorara Area School District was established in 1956 and is quaintly nestled among the beautiful farmlands of Lancaster and Chester counties. Proudly known as the Home of the Braves, the District is classified by the United States Census Bureau as rural-urban fringe and enjoys support from its eight municipalities: Atglen, Christiana Borough, Sadsbury Township, Parkesburg Borough, Highland Township, Londonderry Township, West Fallowfield Township, and West Sadsbury Township.

The District covers a distance of 79.79 square miles and offers easy access along Route 41, just 10 miles south of Route 30 and 9 miles north of Route 1.  It is centrally located within 30 miles of Lancaster, Reading, and Wilmington, Delaware.

The Octorara Area School District is governed by nine regionally elected school board members who employ a superintendent of schools, 17 administrators, 203 professional staff, and 157 support staff. Of the 203 faculty, 31 have over 20 years of experience, 16 have a Master’s degree or equivalent, and 5 have Doctorate degrees. Combined, the District’s teaching staff boasts an average of 12 years of experience.

Preparing students to achieve their goals after high school by supporting their academic, technical, and social/emotional needs is the Octorara Area School District’s main objective. Developing partnerships with families, business, industry, and the community continues to be an integral part of the District’s practice of maximizing opportunities for student success.

District Emblem

The school emblem, designed by Hunter Gaul, appeared on the dedication brochure for the dedication of the first Octorara building on November 19, 1956. Each item on the emblem has significance.

Octorara Brave - Centers attention on the shared history of the area. Octorara became the official name of the district; the Brave became the school mascot.

Stalk of Wheat - Recognizes the agricultural nature of the area and the promise of a future harvest.

Seven Links of a Chain - Represent the seven local political entities now joined for a common educational purpose.


The name "Octorara Area Schools" was officially selected at the May 4, 1953 meeting of the Board.

"Octorara" is a name that is Native American in origin and it is given to the two major streams that drain the area. Legend reports that the name refers to either "flowing waters" or to "the sun". The unique design of the proscenium arch above the high school stage is attributed to the architect's interpretation of the rising sun.

Octorara is a semi-rural community whose boundaries encompass parts of southwestern Chester County and southeastern Lancaster County. Within the school district can be found some of the richest agricultural land in the United States.



Empowering Students to Build Successful Futures


The mission of the Octorara Area School District, in partnership with community and family, is to foster a culture of high expectations where students are empowered to become lifelong learners who positively contribute to their communities.

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