At Octorara Elementary School, students have the opportunity to participate in the following activities:


Chorus will be included as part of general music instruction during music class.  All students will learn the chorus songs and will also have the opportunity to participate in the chorus concerts in December and May.  Students will not be required to participate in the concerts, but will be asked whether or not they would like to participate as the concert dates get closer.   Prior to the concerts, separate rehearsals to prepare will take place during the school day.  These rehearsals will be open to all students interested in performing at the concerts.  Students who aren’t interested will remain in their general education classroom during the rehearsals. There is an evening winter holiday concert in December and an evening spring concert in May.  Parents may attend these concerts. 


The Envirothon is a national program that promotes environmental awareness and stewardship and prepares students to attend competitions each spring. Locally, students attend a completion in early May at Hibernia Park sponsored by the Chester County Conservation District. The Octorara Elementary Envirothon Study Group meets on Wednesdays after school from January to May and is made up of third and fourth grade students. The students are selected to participate based on educational strengths as identified in individual education plans as well as through nominations by their teachers. Students study an assigned environmental issue each year as well as information on Pennsylvania birds, trees, and wildlife.

24 Club (Math Game)

The 24 Math Club takes place approximately once a week during a fall/winter and a winter/spring series. 3rd and 4th grade students are nominated to attend by their regular education teachers and the gifted support teacher, based on educational needs. During a set of seven sessions, students learn how to play the educational math game, 24, and practice in independent and tournament style challenges. The game is designed to promote fact fluency and can also be used to strengthen basic math facts as well as to enrich students that are demonstrating a need for challenging math experiences. Although all students are not invited to attend the club, all fourth grade students are able to practice the game in their classrooms/homes and participate in a 24 Math Game Tournament in April. Cards are available for purchase online.