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Hall of Fame

Congratulations Dr. Timothy Shrom - 1973 Octorara Graduate and 2019 Hall of Fame Inductee!

Hall of Fame Inductee

Dr. Shrom's bio as read by Ilyssa Marsh:

Hello, My name is Ilyssa Marsh and I am honored to introduce Dr. Timothy Shrom at this year’s Hall of Fame assembly.

After his time at Octorara, Dr. Shrom continued his education at Elizabethtown College and then at Penn State University, earning a Ph.D in educational leadership. He is also a Pennsylvania Certified School Business Administrator and has served as the association’s president.

With his specialized focus on school finance, healthcare, and public policy, his influence is not far from us as students and teachers in the Octorara community.

Dr. Shrom is no stranger to leadership: in addition to his previous role as president of PCSBO, he currently serves as the Director of Research for the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials. In addition, he spent 35 years as Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager at Solanco School District.

On a global level, Dr. Shrom represented the Association of School Business Officials International as a member of the National Center for Educational Statistics School Facilities Task Force. Dr. Shrom’s influence is certainly felt here in our own community, as well as on a far larger scale.

In addition to his immense success, Dr. Shrom finds time to serve the community around him, which is something that we as students here at Octorara value deeply. What most stood out to me was his membership in the Executive Committee of the Lancaster and Lebanon County Employee Health Care Consortia, which provides healthcare to over 15,000 people in our area. From serving in his church to various business and administration boards, it is clear that Dr. Shrom uses his gifts to benefit those around him.

Elizabethtown College and Penn State University have both given Dr. Shrom prestigious awards and recognitions for his accomplishments, and now it is Octorara’s turn.