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January is School Director Appreciation Month! Click here for details.

January is School Director Recognition Month!


A quality public education is a key that can open doors of opportunity for many students. Providing that education takes a team of committed people from educators and staff to parents and administrators. The nine members of our local school board are an important part of this team, making informed decisions that direct the course of the Octorara Area School District.


Every January, we take time to celebrate and recognize the challenging and vital work our school board does on behalf of our students, families, and community. Thank you: Lisa Bowman, Tony Falgiatore, Brian Fox, Sam Ganow, Matt Hurley, Bill Kloss, Charlie Koennecker, Brian Norris, and Jere Zimmerman,


Octorara’s board of school directors volunteer an average of 15 hours per month. Their work includes adopting policy, voting on budgets, approving curriculum changes, examining facility plans, and reviewing hiring decisions. They also serve on a number of school committees and attend school events such as education programs, drama performances, concerts, athletic contests, etc. They spend countless hours in committees planning for the future of the school district and learning about the issues affecting public education.  Most importantly, they are advocates to our government representatives and tremendous resources of support for implementing innovative solutions.


As unpaid locally elected officials, school directors are invested in their communities. They are our neighbors, friends, local leaders, parents, and engaged senior citizens. During this month of recognition, please take a moment to show your gratitude to Octorara’s board of school directors for their time, dedication, and efforts year-round. The job they do is necessary to ensure Octorara’s schools remain a pathway to a promising future. Please thank them for advocating on behalf of the Home of the Braves and for maximizing our students’ opportunities for success.