Octorara Virtual Academy

  • OVA Mission Statement
    The Octorara Virtual Academy will provide opportunities for a more relevant and personalized education for students.

    OVA Vision Statement
    Every student will take an online class or blended course of study prior to graduation.

    District Enrolled Students may use the following registration forms:

    Elementary Registration Form

    Secondary Registration Form

    All students who have participated in OVA in the past will need to register again.

    Please visit the OVA course search engine here.  Each provider has different courses to offer and each has different benefits.  The OVA facilitator and your school counselor can help you with making a decision on which provider would be best for your student. Our district will utilize K12 (Grades K-5) and Edison Learning (Grade 6) for all elementary classes.  Our district will utilize Edison Learning, K12, eDynamic, and Accelerate vendors for all secondary courses.

    In addition to the option of full time OVA, students at the secondary level may take one or two online courses in combination with their in building classes.  To be considered for one or two online courses, the student must demonstrate that the course cannot be taken in the building.  In addition, an online course may also be permitted if it augments the student’s pathway or course of study. 

    As a third option at the secondary level, students may also participate part-time (the remainder of the course work in combination with a CTE or TCHS program) in OVA if the student is enrolled in a CTE program or enrolled in TCHS.  Parents/students are responsible for transportation in the event your child is participating in a CTE program or TCHS and a remainder of OVA courses. 

    It can take 5 business days or more to have a student begin OVA after the registration form is received and registration is complete.  An OVA orientation meeting will be scheduled and a contract will be presented outlining parent and student responsibilities for all elementary students and new OVA secondary students.  Once the contract is agreed to and signed, the student will be enrolled in the OVA .  Onboarding -  logging into the computer, logging into courses, accessing help, etc. will occur virtually.  This will take approximately an hour.


    OVA orientations are scheduled on an individual basis once registration is received.

    If you are interested in enrolling in the Octorara Area School District Virtual Academy, you will be able to register your child here.