• Cheryl Todd, Registrar

    Welcome to the Octorara Area School District!

    Octorara Area School District uses an online registration program (Registration Gateway), which allows parents/guardians to enter student information from their home, office, library or other computer and internet-accessible location. If you do not have access or a computer at home, you have other options. Because you do not have to print anything, you can use a computer at a local library, a friend's computer or your internet-accessible cell phone.

    You must complete the online registration process and bring the required documentation with you to your registration appointment. REGISTRATIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and may be scheduled by contacting the Registrar at 610-593-8238 ext. 30501.

    The following documentation is required for registration of your child:

    Proof of Age

    Birth certificate or passport is acceptable documentation for proving age of your student. If you do not have these documents, a notarized statement of birth is also acceptable.

    Immunization Record

    If updated records of immunizations are not available, your doctor's office or previous school may be willing to fax this information to us at your request. The appropriate fax number to use is 610-593-6425.

    Proof of Residency

    A document required by the state to verify the parent/guardian's name and address are within the district. This document can be a mortgage document, renter's lease/agreement, bank statement or utility bill.

    Please be aware the district cannot proceed with your registration unless all of the above documents are presented. Your child is not completely registered/enrolled until you have met with the Registrar and provided the required documents.

    If your child is in grades 9 through 12, please provide a copy of the student's transcript and current grades/schedule. This will help us in generating a schedule for your child and ensure that all graduation requirements and credits are received.

    Students in grades K-8 will need to take a district assessment test so that they are appropriately placed. You will be notified of possible dates and times for this assessment when all registration materials have been reviewed.

    Documents not required, but very helpful in the registration process:
    Although the following will eventually be sent to Octorara upon official request, information from your student's previous school, past academic records, report cards, IEP's, 504's, etc., are very helpful for a smooth, timely and correct transition.

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