• Hello Grade 5 and 6 students and parents:
     ISTE Net-S


    critical thinking skills and collaborative communication, all students will solve problems and make informed decisions using multiple processes to manage computer activities so they can develop, create, complete projects and perform tasks necessary to accomplish their goals.
         All of our class assignments are aligned to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards for students.  For more detailed information of these standards, follow the link to the left.  During the course of this school year, we will use in-class assignments and projects to achieve the following goals:


    Students will understand how to use the computer as a tool to help them develop creative and innovative projects.

    Students will create a wide range of products by the end of this school year. Products will include word processing documents, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, graphics, digital story-telling and writing code.

    Students will gain strong keyboard knowledge and typing skills so that they will be able to focus on creating rather than typing.

    Students will learn what it means to be a good digital citizen by demonstrating how to use the computer in a safe and ethical manner.

    Students will learn how to use the internet critically and responsibly to research and gather information.

    Students will contribute to each others learning and improvement of skills through online collaboration and communication.

    Students will demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts and operations when using the computer.

    This class will encourage students to be independent and confident on the computer.

       Get ready for a great year!  I am :-)

    Mrs. Cathy Smith