• Welcome to Mrs. King's Classroom!
    Room 203 in the Octorara Intermediate School is filled with conversations, laughter, and most importantly, learning.  I am excited to teach English Language Arts, Science and ELA WIN.  Throughout the year students will participate in whole group lessons, small groups, collaborative pairs, and one on one conferences in all classes.  We are excited to work together in room 203 to learn and experience new things.  Please check out the sidebar to see what is going on in each class and helpful hints.
    I graduated from Octorara High School in 2002.  Then I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from Eastern University in 2006.  I have taught at Octorara for the last 12 years and during those years I have earned my Master's Degree in Language and Literacy from Millersville University, as well as gotten married and had four children.  It is very exciting for me to teach at the same school I attended.


    “I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest.” ~Tris, Divergent