• Dear Parents, Guardians and Residents; 

    Welcome to the Octorara Area School District!

    We hope that this website allows you to learn a little about the many great things that are happening on our campus. From event calendars to School Board minutes this website should allow you to find the information you need – or point you to the person that can help you with a need.

    But the website alone is not going to help you learn about our B (old), R (esponsible), A(mbitious), V(irtuous), E(nergetic) and S(elfless) campus. To really learn about what is happening you need to engage with us – engage with our students! How can you do that? Check out our event calendars and come to a play, a concert, a game, or another special event that might interest you. Volunteer – contact a building principal and offer your talents or join a booster organization or the PTO. Attend School Board Meetings and/or look for special Town Meetings and come and hear about what is happening and ask your questions. Or, let us know how you might want to get involved and we can work to make that happen.

    I am proud to work with the Board of Directors, the staff, the students and the community members here in the Octorara Area School District. We have a lot to be proud of – especially the wonderful students that we serve. Students are our number one priority and we are committed, as written in our Mission Statement to “promote educational excellence in a safe, secure environment, empowering our students with the skills necessary to be successful, responsible members of society.”

    So, find a way to become involved. Share your passions and your talents. Help maximize opportunities for children in your community to have success.



    Tom Newcome




    2012 Annual Report