• Model UN
    Mr. McCarthy, Advisor


    General Overview:

    Model United Nations is a cross-curricular activity where students role play diplomats from around the world. The Model UN Club is open to gifted and high achieving students interested in an academically challenging experience. Delegates work to advance their nation's interest on international issues in a simulation of an international event. Model United Nations is the most popular form of high school and college debate around the world. The club will attend at least two multi-day high school conferences sponsored by colleges. Competing in these conferences not only allows Model UN students to interact with top students from around the world, but enables them to explore a variety of college campuses to make informed decisions about their own college choice when applying. Participation will require after school preparation and attendance at small practice sessions after school. Participating students are responsible for club expenses and payments for room and board on all trips.


    Model United Nations conferences require that all students dress in business attire. For boys this means either jacket and tie or preferably a suit. For girls, this means a formal business suit or skirt/blouse combination. For those who have questions as to what is appropriate, a presentation will be given early in the year to provide examples.



    As most Model UN participants are involved in a number of school activities, every attempt is made to hold and run meetings quickly and efficiently. Because we do not meet frequently after school, it is very important that delegates attend meetings we have. Meeting attendance will be a factor in the selection for conference participation.

    Overnight Conferences:

    This year we will be attending at least five collegiate conferences. Eight students will attend each of our four overnight conferences. Because of hotel sleeping arrangements, each group of eight will consist of combinations of 4 students by gender (i.e. 4 boys in one room, 4 girls in another, etc.). Criteria Mr. McCarthy will consider when selecting students for conference attendance will include:

    ·Student’s ability to speak and write well for MUN
    ·Student’s achievement in MUN
    ·Student’s seniority in MUN(calculated by number of full years in MUN, not grade level. Where two students are new to MUN, the younger of the two has preference)
    ·Student’s meeting attendance history
    ·Room needs for conference (i.e. gender in room assignments)
    ·Student preference for desired conference.



    Temple University Model UN Conference (OwlMUN)




    Location: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
    Date: (To be confirmed) October 19, 2019 (Leaving OHS at 7:30am and returning at approx. 6:15pm)
    Student Fee: $10 Registration Fee (check payable to OHS should be submitted with permission slip) Please bring money for lunch on campus (several options available, $15 recommended)
    Number of students attending: entire club (as many as 40 and limited to capacity of bus)
    Position papers due: Position papers are due to Mr. McCarthy via email by (TBA)

    Conference description: This will be our fifth time attending OwlMUN (the sixth year the conference is being held).  This is a one-day conference (we will leave in the morning and return in the evening) comprised of two committee sessions and a lunch break in between.  There are general assemblies and limited space available in crisis committees for more experienced students.  Our goal in attending this conference is to have a positive first experience with Model UN at a conference that is geared for beginners.  This will help us to be able to approach our winter/spring conferences with greater confidence.  We won several awards at last year's conference and are expected to have a strong showing again this year.

     ***Attendance at OwlMUN is mandatory for any student interested in attending one of the overnight trips. 











    Washington Area Model United Nations Conference


    Location: George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
    Dates: April 2-5, 2020 (students will miss school on Friday, April 3rd)
    Student Fee: $120 (check payable to Octorara Area School District)
    Number of students attending: 8
    Position Papers Due: TBA

    Description: WAMUNC is Octorara’s most popular conference. It is well-run and highly competitive. We will have the option to tour George Washington University and will see many of the sites of Washington, D.C.  Students should have roughly $15 for the metro and about $10 per meal.  We will depart from Octorara on Thursday afternoon (after school) and return on Sunday afternoon.




    DeSales University

    Model UN Conference


    DeSales Logo  


    Location: DeSales University, Center Valley, PA

    Date: To be announced...

    Student Fee: Free Registration (Bring a lunch or $10 to spend in food court in the DeSales University Center)

    Number of students attending: entire club (as many as 40 and limited to capacity of bus)

    Position Papers Due: TBA






    Kutztown University

    Model United Nations Conference (KUMUNC)




    Location: Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA
    Dates: To be announced  
    Student Fee: TBA
    Number of students attending: entire club (as many as 40 and limited to the capacity of bus)
    Position Papers Due: TBA
    Position Papers Due to Committee Chair: TBA


    Description:  This will be Octorara's second year participating in KMUNC.  The conference is held on the Kutztown University campus, and all committee sessions are held in Kutztown classrooms and lecture halls.  We will depart from Octorara on Saturday morning and return in the evening.