• Student Council/Leo Club


                                                                        Mrs. Guiseppe                                       Mrs. Thwaites

            vguiseppe@octorara.org                    nthwaites@octorara.org

    Student Council/Leo Club is a forum for students to address district-wide projects and issues of concern for the Octorara community, and also to Promote fun activities which encourage school spirit and Brave Pride for the students. 

    Service projects include Food and Clothing Drives, Community Book Sales, Nickel Day financial assistance and relief, Christmas Celebrations, Spirit Days, Octorara Best Community Day, etc. 

    Student Council membership is open to all students of the high school by petition or if warranted, also by election.  Members are expected to be Bold, Responsible, Ambitious, Virtuous, Energetic, and Selfless in their exemplary service to the student body and the Octorara Community. 

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