• High Fire Ceramics Club

    Mrs. Bieg, Advisor

    Have you taken Ceramics I (& 2 preferred but not a requirement). . .yet, there remains a burning desire to know more about how the glazes work, the operations of a firing, interesting ceramic techniques you have not yet learned, or do you have new ceramic ideas that you did not have time to create in class? Join Octorara's Ceramic Club, "High Fire".

    This club has been designed for students to further expand their ceramic interests and skills. This club will offer a place and time to research and discuss historical and contemporary ceramics as well as local ceramic art.

    This group can also decide if they would like to host a local ceramic artist to come in and discuss his/her artwork and/or demonstrate a technique(s). This ceramic club may hold a pottery sale(s) in order to raise funds to pay for hosting such artists and for the purchase of special tools they would like for the ceramic studio.

    See Mrs. Bieg in Art room A35 to join today. This club will be held every Wednesday in Art Room A35.