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    Pennsylvania State System of Assessment (PSSA):  
    PSSA Results will be sent home on or about  October 1, 2016.  

    The PSSA now assesses the Pennsylvania Core Standards in Math, English Language Arts, and Science (grades 4, 8).  

    These new standards were first assessed in 2015 and are aimed at better preparing Pennsylvania students for success after high school, specifically to be college or career ready when they graduate. It is important to remember, and to explain to students, that the transition to the new, more rigorous standards will take time. Student performance will grow as they become more familiar with the new standards.

     It is also important to help your student understand how he or she performed on the assessments – both strengths and opportunities for improvement.

     Some key points you may want to emphasize with your student as you look at their scores together:

           ·    The standards for learning have changed. They are more demanding and set higher expectations.


    ·       The test has changed. The test questions are aligned to the standards, and many of the questions are more complex than in previous years. 


    ·       Look at the test scores together.  Ask your child to share how he or she feels about the tests and whether the questions were challenging.


    ·       Explain to your student if test scores were not as high as expected, to not be discouraged.  Remember that the test was harder this year, and with time and continued effort on your part, he or she will be able to meet new expectations.


    ·       Parents and teachers can help students think about what they will need to do to be successful while they are in school and after high school.  While PSSA data may be used as one consideration for student placement, it is important to recognize that the PSSA is just one measure of student mastery.   It represents a snapshot in time.  Teachers, counselors and administrators evaluate student performance through many different types of assessments over the course of a school year.  It is important to emphasize to your student that the PSSA is important, but the effort a student puts forth during an entire school year is what  impacts student growth and achievement.  


    ·       Continue to be a partner in your student's education.  Communicate with your student's teacher(s) and encourage your student to ask for help when they need it.  Working together, teachers, students, parents and administrators can maximize students' opportunities for success.  

     Keystone Exams:  
    Currently  the class of 2017 no longer has to pass the following Keystone Exams in order to graduate.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education is currently reviewing the Keystone Exam Requirements.  Updates will be posted as we receive them.  It is still a requirement to take the Keystone Exams as follows:  
    Algebra I:  Grade 8, 9, or 10
    Biology:     Grade 9
    Literature: Grade 10
    Octorara students take the Algebra I Keystone Exam at the end of the Algebra I course, which may be taken as early as 8th grade.   All students take Biology in 9th grade and the Keystone Exam for Biology is given at the end of the Biology course.  The Keystone Literature Exam is given to students in 10th grade at the end of Literature and Composition 10, or Honors English 10.  
    Any student not passing a Keystone Exam, will be scheduled into Tier Time Remediation, and then asked to retake the exam either in the Winter or Spring.  
    OASD PA School Performance Profile Data
     The PA School Performance Profile model does not provide a broad District measurement.  Instead, School Performance Profiles give us a quantitative academic score for each of our schools.  Each score is based on data elements in the following areas:
    •   Indicators of Academic Achievement
    •   Indicators of Closing the Achievement Gap
    •   Indicators of Academic Growth (PVAAS)
    •   Other Academic Indicators
    •   Extra Credit for Advanced Achievement 
    To view each building's School Performance Profile, please select the appropriate link below:  
                    Octorara Primary Learning Center
                    Octorara Elementary School
                    Octorara Intermediate School
                    Octorara Area Junior/Senior High School     
    To access Pennsylvania School Performance Profiles for all schools in the state, please visit: