Superintendent Evaluation

  • Performance Standards

    Pennsylvania School Code requires that school boards develop objective performance standards to annually evaluate the performance of the Superintendent of Schools. The objective performance standards must be mutually agreed upon by both the board and the superintendent and posted to the school district’s website. To that end, the Octorara School District’s Board of Directors and Dr. Michele M. Orner have mutually agreed upon the objective performance standards listed below:







    The Superintendent of Schools met the objective performance standards established for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Annual Performance Goals

    Measurable progress toward meeting the goals in   the OASD Comprehensive Plan and in four key areas of leadership. 


    1. ACADEMICS, STUDENT GROWTH and ACHIEVEMENT: Foster a school culture conducive to teaching and learning, and design and/or support systematic measures which help students meet academic growth targets, evaluate instructional programs, and efficiently use technology as part of the curriculum.


    1. SAFE and CARING ENVIRONMENT, CULTURE, and CLIMATE: Design and/or support systematic measures which create a culture that is physically and emotionally safe, and equally accessible to all students, staff, and community members.


    1. COMMUNICATION and ENGAGEMENT: Design and/or support systematic measures which enable effective, clear, and consistent communication channels to internal and external stakeholders.


    1. BUDGET, FINANCE, and OPERATIONS: Design and/or support systematic measures to ensure ethical, efficient, and strategic use of fiscal, operational, human, and capital resources to endure long-term financial health and stability.


    At the conclusion of the evaluation cycle, the school board will publish a statement on the district’s website as to whether the superintendent met (or did not meet) the objective performance standards. A copy of the evaluation instrument used to assess the performance of the superintendent is available by contacting Mrs. Jill Hardy, Board Secretary, at 610-593-8214.