• Gifted Education at Octorara Area School District



    Gifted Teachers

    K-4  Andrea Weaver

    5-6  Christine Gray

    7-8  Danielle Kelly

    9-12   Renee Shenk


    School Psychologists

    Dr. Yvette Line-Koller

    Mrs. Erin Cooper, Ed. S. 

    Gifted at Octorara Area School District: Pennsylvania Chapter 16 defines mentally gifted as “outstanding intellectual and creative ability the development of which requires specially designed programs or support services, or both, not ordinarily provided in the regular education program.” The term “mentally gifted” includes a person who has an I.Q. of 130 or higher or when multiple criteria as set forth in Chapter 16 and in Department Guidelines indicate gifted ability. (Source: PA Department of Education)

    Modifications, as needed, are made within the regular classrooms to challenge students in the areas of their academic strengths. In addition, enrichment activities are offered outside the regular classroom that encourage critical and creative thinking and provide opportunities to expand skills of research and analysis.

    Students may be referred for a Gifted screening by parents, classroom teachers, or other school personnel, through the guidance office. A screening will be completed for referred students using curricular based performance and achievement as well as a standardized assessment that correlates with intelligence quotients.

    When a student achieves a qualifying score on the gifted screening, parents will be issued a Permission to Evaluate as well as parent input forms. Upon receiving a signed Permission to Evaluate, a certified school psychologist administers an individual IQ test and achievement tests, while the classroom teacher(s) completes a Gifted and Talented Education Scales. A Gifted Matrix is used to determine eligibility for gifted education based on the information from the Gifted Written Report . This matrix awards point values based on scores relative to cognitive ability, achievement in the areas of reading, mathematics as well as the Gifted and Talented Education Scales; this format allows students who have a Full Scale IQ less than 130 to be considered for Gifted Education.

    If the criteria for giftedness are met, parents are invited to a Gifted Individualized Education Program meeting to establish programming that meets that student’s individual needs in the area of Gifted.

    Referrals for Gifted evaluation can be made at any time during the school year, but only one referral per child per calendar year is permitted.