Statement of Procedure

  • PROCEDURE: Complaint Procedure for Title I Services in Non-Public Schools

    Purpose: To outline a standard complaint resolution procedure for Title I programs

    Scope: Title I Non-Public School Programs

    Responsibilities: Title I Coordinator, Octorara Area School District

    References: Sec. 9503 public Law 107-110

    Detailed Procedure:

    When discussion is needed to resolve allegations of violations of Title I requirements, building administrators would initially address the concerns with the appropriate Chester County Intermediate Unit #24 (CCIU) Coordinator of the program.

    If this discussion does not result in resolution of the concern, the next step would involve discussion between the administrator and the Octorara Area School District (OASD) Title I Coordinator.

    If the complaint is not resolved through these steps the complainant would be requested to place his/her statement in writing to the Superintendent of OASD. The statement would include:
    A statement that the OASD has violated a requirement of a federal statue or regulations which apply to programs under Title I.

    The facts upon which the statement is based.

    The information on any discussions, meetings, or correspondence regarding the complaint.

    Additional meetings would take place as needed with the Superintendent until the resolution of a complaint is completed.

    Complainant would be informed of his/her right to appeal the OASD resolution of the complaint to PDE addressed as follows:

    Susan McCrone, Chief
    Division of Federal Programs
    Pennsylvania Department of Education
    333 Market Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333