School Meal Policy

  • Octorara School District Cafeteria


    All students will receive a Personal Identification Number (pin). The student is expected to learn the last 4 digits of their pin number. If your student has attended Octorara the previous school years they have been given a pin number which will remain the same as long as they are an Octorara student. Students must use their pin number when purchasing any items from the cafeteria. All students can prepay for their meals by depositing cash or check into their accounts. Prepayments are accepted daily in the cafeteria or online at (formerly ParentOnline). Please note online payments could take 24-48 hours before they arrive in your students account.

    Any student who prepays into their meal account with a NSF check, that dollar amount plus any bank charges will be deducted from that Student’s account upon receipt of the NSF check from the bank. The cafeteria will no longer accept checks for a student’s account once a NSF check has been written.