The Team

  • Mr. Mark Peticca, OVA Administrator and JSHS Assistant Principal

    Dr. Elena Tachau, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Why OVA? “Teaching our students to own their future”

    Enrolling in OVA means students will have the opportunity to experience flexible and non-traditional learning options with individualized pacing. Students will learn from curriculum that is state aligned and rigorous with an emphasis on 21st century skills. Furthermore, students can continue to be a member of their local school and participate in school events and activities. 

    ​Students involved in competitive sports, art, music, or other activities that require a flexible schedule.

    • Students and families who want more flexibility, choice, and ownership in their education.
    • Students who are unengaged, or behind because traditional teaching methods are not the best fit for them.
    • Gifted students who want a faster pace or more challenging material.
    • Special-needs students who need a modified program or a personalized pace