Animal and Plant Science Technology


    • Octorara Equine Sports Team
    • On-site large animals
    • On-site small animals
    • On-site barn
    • Green house/high tunnel
    • Aquaponic/Hydroponic lab
    • Strong FFA Octorara Chapter


    Introducing The Octorara Equine Sports Team!

    The Octorara Animal and Plant Science Technology Career & Technical Education Program would like to introduce the “Octorara Equestrian Sports Team”.  In partnering with world renowned horse profiler, Kerry Thomas, THT Bloodstock; Kathy King, Trainer; and Anecia Delduco, Owner, and the entire team at Second Nature Farms, students will learn, interact, and enhance equestrian skills from world renown Equine Industry Leaders.  

    THT Bloodstock

    Second Nature Farm

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    A general program that focuses on the scientific principles that underlie the breeding and husbandry of agricultural animals and plants.   The production, processing, and instruction in the animal sciences, animal husbandry, health, production, and agricultural and food products. Instruction also includes laboratory experiences in and/or out of school including supervised agricultural experience (SAE). Approved academic courses taught by certificated academic teachers will be coordinated and deemed essential for students to successfully reach their career objectives.  Students have daily hands on experiences with the care of large and small animals specific to their SAE. 

    Our instructional program also prepares individuals to apply scientific knowledge and methods in the planning related to and the economical use of facilities, land, water, machinery, chemicals, finance and labor in the production of plant and animal products. Activities include classroom instruction, agricultural mechanics instruction and laboratory experiences in and out of school including farms, agribusiness and other agriculturally related establishments. 

    The Animal and Plant Science Technology program provides students with the scientific knowledge, methods, and skills necessary to pursue employment or entrepreneurship in agriculture and allows students to discover the field of agriculture in greater depth and explore specific areas of interest in Animal and Plant Science. Areas of study include Agribusiness, Animal Science, Biotechnology, Career Development, Economics and Marketing, Food Science, Forestry, Leadership, Management, Natural Resource Management, and Plant and Soil Science.

    Industry Certifications:

    -          PA Skills Certificate

    -          National Pork Quality Assurance

    -          CPR/First Aid Certificate

    -          Career Safe General Industry (Agriculture)

    -          Artificial Insemination Certification


    Future Certifications

    -          PA Nutrient Management Cert.

    -          PA Certified Horticulturalist

    -          PA Pesticide Applicator Certification

    -          PA Environmental Agricultural Conservation of Excellence (PEACCE)

    -          PA Beef Quality Assurance

    -          National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operator

    Student Organization: FFA 
    Future Careers:
    • Precision Agriculture Technicians
    • Agricultural Sciences Teachers, Post Secondary
    • Veterinary Techs and Veterinarians (large and small animals)
    • Bakers/Chefs
    • Bursery & Greenhouse Managers
    • Farm Workers & Laborers
    • Butchers & Meat Cutters

    FFA     mL     Working    

    Madelyn Kerr and Lucas Thompson, members of Octorara FFA attended the Pennsylvania's State Legislative Leadership Conference (SLLC), which was held this year in Harrisburg March 18-20. Madelyn and Lucas were among more than 450 other FFA students from across the state of Pennsylvania. Over the course of three days, the students attended workshops focusing on the legislative process, parliamentary procedure, and state government. During these workshops, they were also assigned to the "House" and "Senate" and debated current bills in Harrisburg. These interactive and hand-on workshops helped students develop career, leadership, and life skills. On Monday afternoon, students and their FFA advisors participated in a community service project within the Harrisburg area. This project kicked off community service across the state for as FFA members return to their local communities to continue fulfilling the FFA mission "living to serve." The conference concluded Tuesday morning after having breakfast with more than 50 Pennsylvania Representatives and Senators. They also heard from Pennsylvania's Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding. Mr. Redding challenged our students to commit the rest of the week to "developing their personal understanding of the legislative process that guides this commonwealth and this nation." He told them that "when they put on the blue jacket, they accepted a lot of responsibility. And that responsibility will shape them into great leaders. Octorara FFA members attended several conferences year round that help them develop career, leadership, and life skills to help them prepare for the vital roles they will one day play in the future of our industry and country.