Human Resources

  • Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • About Employment at Octorara Area School District

    Approximately 2,100 students attend the five schools in the Octorara Area School District.  The Octorara Primary Learning Center, grades Kindergarten through 2; the Octorara Elementary School, grades 3 and 4; the Octorara Intermediate School, grades 5 and 6; the Octorara Jr./Sr High School, grades 7 through 12 are housed on one main campus.  These students are served by close to 350 employees.  Included are approximately 14 District Office and school administrators and 202 classroom teachers, guidance counselors, librarian, reading specialists, nurses, psychologists, speech therapists, and specialists in art, music, and physical education.  These members of the professional staff are supported by classroom assistants, secretaries, cafeteria, and building custodial/maintenance employees.  In addition, the technology department supports the district's internal and external networks, maintains the district's large inventory of computers and peripheral equipment, and is on call to provide help with software problems.

    Employees come into the district through the Department of Human Resources, which posts vacancies and processes applications in cooperation with members of the administrative staff.  The responsibility of the Human Resources Department does not stop with the employment process, however.  Salary information, tuition reimbursement, tenure, certification, and attendance are all maintained by the Human Resources Department.  The department processes requests for sabbaticals and leaves of absence.

    In general, the department is a resource to which employees can turn with questions about their employment and related issues.