Applications must be sent directly to the contact person listed on the job posting.
    Unsolicited applications/resumes will no longer be accepted by the Octorara Area School District. ONLY responses to the individual postings indicated in JOB OPPORTUNITIES will be accepted.
    If you wish to apply for an available position listed on our website or advertised in a local newspaper, please submit your application (see application links below) along with the items listed on this link  -> Documents to Submit with Your Application

    A P P L I C A T I O N    L I N K S
    Support Staff Application

    Standard Application for Teaching in PA Public Schools

    Coaching Application

    For Professional Substitutes, please use the Standard Application for Teaching Positions in PA Public Schools.
    For Support Staff Substitutes, please use the Support Staff Application.
    All unsolicited paperwork sent to the Human Resources Office will not be reviewed for employment purposes. The sender will be notified to retrieve the documents within ten (10) business days. If he/she does not retrieve the documents within that time, they will be destroyed.