Breakfast and Lunch at OPLC

  • Breakfast:

    Breakfast is served daily from 8:30a-8:55a. The cost for breakfast is $1.60. The breakfast menu is available on the Octorara Area District Website -> Departments -> Food Services. If students qualify for free/reduced lunch (see “How much does lunch cost?”), they automatically qualify for free/reduced breakfast.

    If students do not qualify for free/reduced lunch, but they would like breakfast, they MUST have funds in their account or bring money to purchase breakfast.


    Students have a daily lunch/recess period of 40 minutes. Students have a choice to bring their own lunch or purchase a hot entrée meal or cold sandwich meal (choice offered daily). Milk can be purchased separately. A menu will be posted on the Octorara School District website -> Departments -> Food Services

    The Lunch Price for the 2019-2020 school year will be $3.00. Octorara participates in the “National School Lunch Program” which provides Reduced or Free Lunch for those who qualify. Parents may apply online for free/reduced lunch at If you are unable to apply online, please contact the Food Service Director, Linda Neff, at 610-593-8238 Ext 3581

    If a student forgets to bring their lunch money or lunch to school or if he/she leaves their classroom without their lunch money or packed lunch (for safety reasons we cannot allow a student to return to their room without adult supervision). If an adult is not available to walk with your student to their classroom the student will be provided a meal from the cafeteria and his/her account charged accordingly. If this happens a second time, the school office will notify the parent of this problem.

    Negative Balances for School Lunches:

    Several attempts will be made by the Octorara Area School District’s Food Service Program in order to resolve all accounts. All accounts must be resolved before the end of the school year.


    There are 2 methods of payment:

    Option 1:

    The district has implemented a system called School Cafe. This system allows parents to either go online to or call a toll-free number (855-729-2328) to make payments to your student’s lunch account using a check, credit card, or debit card. This is a state-of-the-art online service that provides parents the convenience and information needed to manage your student’s meal account. TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, VISIT or call a toll-free number (855-729-2328).

    Option 2:

    Students may buy their lunch each day by paying the cashier directly. Parents may send in money to place in their child’s individual account. Checks are acceptable and recommended and should be made payable to “Octorara Cafeteria Account.” Please remember: All checks or money must be put into an ENVELOPE AND MUST INCLUDE THE CHILD’S FULL NAME AND ROOM NUMBER.