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    These may be accessed in your school building at anytime with no username or password.

    If you are accessing them from home you will need a public library card. Don't have one? Click here to apply for a digital library card through your local library and get access!!

     kids infbits

    Find information on topics such as animals, arts, geography, health, literature, people, social studies and more.


    Watch videos and read books about animals, celebrations, nature, music, Earth, family, community, and more. There are Spanish choices too!!


    Learn about people, places, nature, history, and sciences from videos and eBooks on topics such as American Indians, Ancient Civilizations, Farm to Table, The Civil War, Continents, The Thirteen Colonies, U.S. Government and many more.


    Learn how to be a safe, responsible, and smart citizen with these eBooks that teach you how to avoid predators, play games safely online, protect your privacy, and use social networks.

     bna web

    Discover fiction and non-fiction books that match your interests! Books and Authors (powered by Gale's popular What Do I Read Next? series) is for readers from every level of reading proficiency and enables users to explore the endless possibilities and combinations of books, authors, genres and topics from more than 240,000 titles.

    Pennsylvania Photos and Documents