English as a Second Language

  • Lori Boldt, E.S.L Teacher
    Sandra Mandez, Language Translator

    The mission of the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program at the Octorara Area School District is to provide support and intensive instruction in English to Non- and Limited English Proficient (NEP and LEP) students, which will enable them to become successful in the mainstream classroom, the school environment, and the community at large.

    By the state of Pennsylvania, all schools are required to provide a program for every student who is limited English proficient or an English language learner. This program includes:

    1. Standards-based English as a second language instruction at the appropriate proficiency level.
    2. Content area instruction aligned with the corresponding standards and adapted to meet the needs of the students.
    3. Assessment processes that reflect the academic standards and instruction.


    In this program, the Octorara Area School District meets language proficiency and academic achievement standards by identifying the language and educational strengths and needs of students using instructional methods. Through collaboration between the ESL Program Specialist and general classroom teachers, this program has been designed to meet students' laguage, academic, and social needs. Students remain in the ESL program until they are able to successfully transition to a full day schedule that is not tailored for limited English proficient students.