THE BRAVES Behavior System

  • Daily point given to student for being on green at the end of the day. This also is an instant reward for the student.

    Students who stayed on green for the entire month and meet the end of the month goal receive a certificate, recognition on bulletin board, and are able to pick a prize from the Braves Cart or save his/her points to accumulate for a point reward.

    Bulletin boards will display incentives and the monthly theme.

    Prize Cart
    *THE BRAVES Point Rewards*

    BRAVES Prize Cart (K-2) 

    Special Events for 30 Points

    Modern Artist: Use sidewalk chalk at recess with a friend (K-2)

    Comfy Feet: Bring your slippers to school to wear in the classroom all day (K-2)

    Comfy Critter: Bring a stuffed animal to school for a day (K-2)

    Story Seeker: Read aloud to the class of your choice of previous or current year's teacher (Gr 1-2)

    Safety Officer: Hall monitor for a week (Gr 1-2)

    Super Sweeper: Clean part of the School (Gr 1-2)

    Master Builder: 15 minutes of Lego time with a friend (Gr 1-2)


    Special Events for 50 Points

    Daytime Dreamer: Wear your PJ’s and slippers for the day (K-2)

    DJ for a Day: Choose song of the day (Gr 1-2)

    Tech Time: 15 minutes of computer or iPad time (Gr 1-2)

    Ultimate Gamer:15 minutes of Wii time with a friend (Gr 1-2)

    Window Painter: Paint a window in your classroom (Gr 1-2)

    Library Assistant: Help during library with book check out, sorting and shelving (Gr 1-2)


    Special Events for 75 Points

    Brighten your Day: Get your hair sprayed for the day with parent permission (Gr 1-2)

    Friendly Game Time: Pick up to three friends to play board game (Gr 1-2)

    Friends on the Field: Sports Game with 5 friends for 15 minutes (Gr 1-2)

    Mini Michelangelo: Paint a Ceiling Tile (Gr 2 Only)

    Principal’s Assistant: Assist principal for 30 minutes (Gr 2 Only)