• GYRO School-Wide Behavior Program

    G= Green Card
    Y= Yellow Card
    R= Red Card
    O= Orange Card

    ALL Student begins the day with a green card.

    When an inappropriate behavior occurs the teacher will give the student one verbal warning.

    If the student chooses to continue exhibiting inappropriate behavior(s), he/she will be told to flip their card to yellow. The yellow is a visual warning to stop the inappropriate behavior.

    If the inappropriate behavior(s) continues, the student moves his/her card to red. When student receives red card, he/she receives a consequence from the teacher. The consequence is a loss of privilege or a time out.

    If student continues to make poor choices, the student will flip his/her card to orange and receive a discipline referral. The student will then be referred to the office.

    At the end of each day, students are to color in their behavior calendars indicating what color he/she was on. If a student has a color change, the teacher is to indicate on the child's behavior calendar the reason for the color change. Parents are required to sign or initial their student's behavior calendar indicating that they saw their child had exhibited inappropriate behaviors that day. The teacher also records color changes in our behavior data base.

    Each month there will be a goal announced for children who remain on green. Students who do not meet goals will meet with the principal.