Positive Action

  • Positive Action is a nationally-recognized, proven program, and we are looking forward to recognizing all the positive actions throughout our year. We know that parents are a vital component of student success, so we’d like to tell you a little bit about the program so you can help reinforce it in your home.

    Positive Action gives all students the motivation and skills to be happy and successful in school and in life. All grade level kits are based on a philosophy with two principles that help empower us to develop our potential for greatness, enabling an entire community to unite behind a common goal!

    1st Principle

    The first principle is the intuitive philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions. The opposite is also true: We feel negative about ourselves when we do negative actions. Positive Action brings this truism to a conscious level so we can be intentional in our behaviors and experience the benefits of being positive.

    The Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle depicts the philosophy by showing how our thoughts lead to our actions, our actions lead to feelings about ourselves, and our feelings lead to more positive thoughts. This explanation of the whole behavior process helps us to stop and think before taking action, then take the action, and after experiencing the reaction or feeling we have about ourselves, have another similar thought. The circle can be positive or negative, and the lessons demonstrate the benefits of choosing the positive Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle.

    2nd Principle

    The second principle is there is always a positive way to do everything. Key skills for developing greatness in the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional areas of the whole self are taught through six units:

    Unit 1—Philosophy and Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle

    Unit 2—Physical and Intellectual Positive Actions for Your Body and Mind

    (Physical and Intellectual)

    Unit 3—Social and Emotional Positive Actions for Managing Yourself

    (Being Responsible for Your Resources)

    Unit 4—Social and Emotional Positive Actions for Treating Others the Way You Like to Be Treated

    (Getting Along with Others)

    Unit 5—Social and Emotional Positive Actions for Telling Yourself the Truth

    (Being Honest with Yourself and Others by Taking Responsibility for Your Actions)

    Unit 6—Social and Emotional Positive Actions for Improving Yourself Continually

    (Reaching Goals)

    Unit 7—Review of the Positive Actions to Feel Good about Yourself

    These principles are the foundation of the whole program. However, in the classroom curriculum, each grade has unique, age-appropriate activities, stories, projects, and discussions designed to help them get the most of the concepts.

    Each new year is exciting for our faculty and staff, but this year holds more promise than ever. We believe Positive Action will make a big difference, and that we will all be stimulated to grow in positive ways.