School Wide Positive Behavior System

  • The Octorara Primary Learning Center's School Wide Positive Behavior Program is called THE BRAVES.

    The school wide rules that all students are expected to follow are:

    Always be responsible and prepared.

    Be respectful of self, others, and property.

    Carefully follow directions and procedures.

    In order to help students learn these rules and to make school a safe and positive learning environment, all students will be learning THE BRAVES monthly character themes. Students will be learning about the themes through school wide assemblies, classroom lessons and daily announcements.

    Each classroom will be using THE BRAVES program for recognizing good behavior as well as addressing inappropriate behaviors. A key component of THE BRAVES program is a classroom management system called GYRO. Each classroom teacher will have a behavior chart. Each student has a pocket on this chart holding four colored cards in the following order: Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange, (GYRO). Each color indicates to the student and teacher if a classroom expectation has been violated. Every day each student starts his or her day on green. Students will record and bring home their final card color on a behavior calendar daily for parental information. Any color changes indicated on the calendar will need to be initialed by parents or guardians.

    In addition, positive behavior goals will be announced at the beginning of each month. Students who achieve the monthly goal will be recognized at school wide assemblies, have their name placed on a bulletin board, and certificates will be sent home recognizing their achievements. Students will also receive points that they can redeem for incentives.

    Students will have many opportunities to practice appropriate and expected behaviors. Our focus will be on recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors. Your praise for positive behaviors and support are extremely helpful and appreciated.