School Counseling Services

  • The counseling program at Octorara Area School District uses the American School Counseling Association National Model as a framework following the three domains of Academic, Career and Personal/Social.

    The counseling services are provided through the following delivery systems: 

    School Counseling Curriculum:

    • Career Day
    • Developmental Guidance and Classroom Presentations
    • Parent/Teacher Workshops

    Individual Student Planning:

    • Student Orientation and Building Transitions
    • Conferences and Parent Meetings
    • Instructional Support Team (IST) Membership
    • Scheduling
    • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Services
    • Preliminary Screenings and Assessments
    • Consultation and Collaboration with Professionals

    Responsive Services:

    • Crisis Intervention
    • Individual Counseling and Mediation
    • Referrals to Support Services
    • Small Group Counseling
    • Behavior Plan Development
    • Consultation/Collaboration with Outside Agencies
    • Systems Support and Other
    • Standardized Testing and Interpretation
    • Professional Development
    • Student Records Maintenance and Confidentiality
    • Data Collection and Interpretation
    • Building Initiatives and Program Development