About Special Education Services

  • Special Education services are available for all school-aged children who have a formally identified educational disability and require specially designed instruction. The process, as established and regulated by state and federal guidelines, can be found on the following webpage: Parent Guide to Special Education for School-Age Children | Parent Guide to Special Education for School-Age Children (SPANISH)or by contacting the OASD Special Education Office for a hard copy.

     If your child is having difficulty in school, and you are unsure if your child might need special education services, you can refer to the following guidelines: Is Your Child Having Difficulty in School? A Guide to Communicating with School Staff.

     The goal of special education is to ensure that students with educational disabilities are able to access a free, appropriate public education (FAPE). Additionally, each student is to receive services in the least restrictive environment possible in order for the student to make reasonable academic progress. Octorara Area School District makes available a full range of services, from in-class (“push-in”) support to replacement (“pull-out”) instruction. If, for some reason, a student cannot be served on our campus, OASD will seek appropriate outside placement with the IEP team making the recommendation.