Learning-Focused Schools

  • Framework for School Improvement

Effective Schools, High Expectations, Support all Students, Continuous Improvement
  • "With Learning-Focused Instructional Framework, teachers purposefully focus on how their students will meet or exceed grade level expectations, how they will increase the use and application of Higher Order Thinking, and how to apply research-based and evidence-based strategies and practices that personalize the curriculum for every student."   ©1990-2015 LEARNING-FOCUSED

    The Octorara Area School District began providing professional development and implementing the Learning-Focused Schools Strategies in 2013-14 in an effort to focus on research-based, instructional best practice that is consistent and pervasive across all classrooms K-12.  In every classroom, students should find consistent components of a learning-focused lesson which include:

    • Lesson Essential Question
    • Activating Strategy
    • Preview of Key Vocabulary
    • Teaching of Vocabulary in Context
    • Multiple Learning Activities
    • Multiple Checks for Understanding (Formative Assessment)
    • Opportunities for Students to Summarize Their Learning and to Answer the Lesson Essential Question
    • Scaffolds for Struggling Students
    • Challenges for Students who Excel
    • Differentiated Assignments

    When teachers plan for student learning using Learning-Focused strategies, students are more engaged, have increasing opportunities to engage in higher-order thinking, and can find relevance in what they are learning in the world around them.  As teachers and administrators have increased opportunities to reflect on their practice via administrative walk-throughs, professional learning communities, and learning-focused cohorts, together we strive to maximize opportunities for student success!  


    For questions about OASD's Learning-Focused Schools Initiative, please contact:

    Elena Tachau

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    610-593-8238 x5530