Positive School-Wide Behavior Program


    How does my child know and how do I know what his/her teacher considers disruptive?

    The teachers discuss discipline, rules, and procedures with the children during the first week of school. The teachers explain these expectations to parents and guardians on “Back to School Night”. In addition, the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program seeks to recognize and reward appropriate behavior and eliminate inappropriate behavior.

    GYRO: School-Wide Behavior Plan

    Students participate in the GYRO behavior plan at OES. If a child’s card remains on Green throughout the day they are following appropriate school rules. Before a student’s card is flipped to Yellow a verbal warning will be administered by the teacher. Yellow serves as a warning, but if inappropriate behavior continues the student’s card will be flipped to Red. If the behaviors are still occurring the student is sent out of the classroom to a neighboring classroom to reflect on their choices in written form. The GYRO program is meant to be a proactive form of classroom management and parents are informed daily of a child’s behavior via a calendar that the students color the color they ended up on before leaving school each day. Please check your child’s red homework folder daily for their GYRO calendar and homework for the night. If there are a number of color changes you may contact the classroom teacher to discuss behavior. Students receive small monthly rewards based on staying Green 85% for that month. Every three months there is a large reward that children earn by staying on Green 85% over the course of those months. Children not earning large rewards will participate in alternative activities the day of the reward. In order to participate in the school-wide end of the year GYRO picnic your student must remain on Green for an average of 83% for the entire year.

    Rules Against Bullying

    We do not bully.

    We help students who are bullied.

    We include students who are left out.

    We tell an adult at school and an adult at home when someone is being bullied.