Departure/Early Dismissal Times
    Date Team Opponent Dismiss Depart Arrive Game Time
    3/16/2019 HS Baseball Muhlenberg   10:15am 11:15am 12:00pm
    3/22/2019 HS Baseball Oxford   3:00pm 3:40pm 4:15pm
    3/25/2019 Tennis Lancaster Country Day 2:00pm 2:15pm 3:15pm 4:15pm
    3/26/2019 JH Baseball Patton MS   3:00 pm 3:30pm 4:00pm
    3/27/2019 HS Softball Northern Lebanon 1:15pm 1:30pm 3:00pm 4:15pm
    3/28/2019 7th Baseball Peirce MS 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:45pm 3:15pm
    3/28/2019 HS Softball Cocalico 1:30 pm 1:45 pm 2:45 pm 4:15 pm
    3/29/2019 HS Baseball Garden Spot  1:45pm 2:00pm 2:45pm 4:15pm
    4/1/2019 Tennis Donegal 1:45pm 2:00pm 3:10pm 4:15pm
    4/1/2019 Softball Eastern Lebanon county 1:30pm 1:45pm 3:00pm 4:15pm
    4/2/2019 8th Grade Baseball/Softball Kennett MS 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:40pm 3:15pm
    4/2/2019 JH Track Patton 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:20pm 3:15pm
    4/3/2019 HS Baseball Donegal 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:45pm 4:15pm
    4/4/2019 HS Softball Manheim Central   3:30pm 4:30pm 5:00pm
    4/4/2019 8th Grade/Baseball/Softball Engle JH 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:30pm 3:15pm
    4/5/2019 Tennis Lampeter Strasburg    3:00pm  3:40pm 4:15pm
    4/6/2019 HS Track Cumberland Valley   6:30am 8:00am 9:00am
    4/6/2019 HS Baseball Lampeter Strasurg   9:00am 10:00am 11:00am
    4/8/2019 Tennis Pequea Valley   2:45pm 3:15pm 4:15pm
    4/9/2019 Tennis Bishop Shanahan 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:30pm 3:30pm
    4/11/2019 7th Grade Baseball Chichester 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:45pm 3:15pm
    4/12/2019 Tennis Lancaster Mennonite 2:15pm 2:30pm 3:15pm 4:15pm
    4/12/2019 Softball Lancaster Catholic 2:15pm  2:30pm 3:15pm 4:15pm
    4/15/2019 HS Track Eastern Lebanon 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:50pm 4:15pm
    4/15/2019 7th Grade Baseball South Brandywine 1:45pm 2:00pm 2:40pm 3:15pm
    4/15/2019 HS Baseball Lebanon Catholic 1:15pm 1:30PM 2:45PM 4:15pm
    4/17/2019 HS Softball Pequea Valley 2:15pm 2:30pm 3:10pm 4:15pm
    4/18/2019 HS Baseball Anville-Cleona 1:30pm 1:40pm 2:50pm 4:15pm
    4/18/2019 Tennis Oxford 2:00pm 2:40pm 3:20pm 4:00pm
    4/18/2019 HS Track Twin Valley 1:15pm 1:30pm 2:15pm 4:00pm
    4/22/2019 Tennis Lampeter Strasburg   3:00pm 3:30pm 4:15pm
    4/22/2019 HS Softball Lancaster Mennonite 1:45pm 2:00pm 2:45pm 4:15pm
    4/23/2019 7th Grade Baseball  Great Valley 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:45pm 3:15pm
    4/23/2019 HS Softball Reading    4:30pm 6:00pm 7:00pm
    4/23/2019 JH Track Engle 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:30pm 3:15pm
    4/25/2019 HS Track Eastern Lebanon 1:45pm 2:00pm 3:15pm 4:15pm
    4/26/2019 HS Baseball Cocalico 1:45pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 4:15pm
    4/27/2019 HS Track Unionville   6:30am 7:15am 9:00am
    4/27/2019 JV Softball Avon Grove   7:30am 8:00am 9:00am
    4/29/2019 HS Track Annville-Cleona 1:15pm 1:30pm    4:15pm
    4/29/2019 HS Baseball Northern Lebanon 1:15pm 1:30pm 3:00pm 4:15pm
    4/29/2019 MS Baseball and Softball Fugett 1:15pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 3:15pm
    4/30/2019 HS Baseball Cocalico 1:45pm 2:00pm    
    5/1/2019 HS Softball Garden Spot   3:00pm 3:45pm  5:00pm
    5/1/2019 MS Baseball Lionville 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:35pm 3:15pm
    5/3/2019 HS Baseball Eastern Lebanon County 1:15pm 1:30pm 2:45pm 4:15pm
    5/3/2019 MS Baseball and Softball Stetson 1:15pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 3:15pm
    5/6/2019 HS Track Columbia 1:15pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 4:15pm
    5/6/2019 HS Softball Donegal 1:45pm 2:00pm 3:15pm 4:15pm
    5/6/2019 JH Track West Chester Henderson 12:00pm 12:15pm 1:00pm 3:00pm
    5/6/2019 MS Baseball Penns Grove 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:35pm 3:15pm
    5/7/2019 HS Baseball Manheim Central 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:45pm 4:15pm
    5/9/2019 MS Baseball Scott 1:45pm 2:00pm 2:40pm 3:15pm
    5/13/2019 MS Baseball Downingtown Middle 1:30pm 1:45PM 2:45pm 3:15pm
    5/14/2019 HS Baseball Oxrford 1:30pm 1:45pm 2:45pm 3:45pm