Please select from the following documents to view the official minutes of the Octorara Area Board of School Directors. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these minutes, please contact Jill Hardy, Board Secretary at or (610) 593-8238 ext 3500.
Starting August 2015 the minutes from the Board Work Sessions and Regular Board Meetings will take the form of more traditional meeting minutes and will no longer give detailed descriptions of the meeting conversations. Interested community members now have access to the meeting through The Cube and You Tube. You may access the recording of the meetings by using the following links:

 If you want to see minutes from meetings not listed below, please contact Jill Hardy with your request.

Additional information about our School Board Directors can be obtained by selecting the Member link located under the School Board page.

Presentations and documents presented for the Board of Directors will be contained in the approved meeting minutes and on this website.  Any representation of presentations and/or documents through sources other than the approved meeting minutes or this website are not endorsed by the Board of Directors of the Octorara Area School District.  
Date     Meeting Type Minutes
 2017-04-17 - DRAFT   Regular  View
 2017-04-10 - DRAFT   Work Session  View
 2017-03-20   Regular  View
 2017-03-13   Work Session  View
 2017-02-20   Regular  View
 2017-02-13   Work Session  View
 2017-01-16   Regular  View
 2017-01-09   Work Session  View
 2016-12-12   Regular  View
 2016-12-05   Reorganization  View
 2016-12-05   Work Session  View
 2016-11-21   Regular  View
 2016-11-14   Work Session  View
 2016-10-17   Regular  View
 2016-10-10   Work Session  View
 2016-09-19   Regular  View
 2016-09-12   Work Session  View
 2016-08-15   Regular  View
 2016-08-08   Special Meeting  View
 2016-08-08   Work Session  View
 2016-07-18   Regular  View
 2016-06-20   Regular  View
 2016-06-13   Work Session  View
 2016-05-16   Regular  View
 2016-05-09   Work Session  View