Octorara School District Cafeteria
August 2016
All students will receive a Personal Identification Number (pin). The student is expected to learn the last 4 digits of their pin number. If your student has attended Octorara the previous school years they have been given a pin number which will remain the same as long as they are an Octorara student. Students must use their pin number when purchasing any items from the cafeteria. All students can prepay for their meals by depositing cash or check into their accounts. Prepayments are accepted daily in the cafeteria or online at www.schoolcafe.com (formerly ParentOnline). Please note online payments could take 24-48 hours before they arrive in your students account.
Any student in grades 7 through 12 who does not have money to pay for their meal will be allowed to charge one lunch meal to their account. The student will not be allowed to charge any more meals until the account is paid in full. Breakfast meals and snack items or drinks are not allowed to be charged. If your student currently owes money please make sure your child has a bagged meal or meal money.
Students in grades K through 6 who do not have money to pay for their lunch meal may be allowed to charge up to a total of $10.20 (4 full paid lunches) for lunch meals only. Please note some students will not be allowed to charge full priced meals due to non payment or extreme lateness of payments. Breakfast meals, snacks and or drinks are not allowed to be charged. We encourage all parents to sign up for the School Cafe system so you may have alerts set up to remind you when your students account might be getting low. We will attempt to notify parents when a child owes the cafeteria money of $5.00 or more. Once you have been notified that your child has a negative balance payment is expected the next day. Chronic lateness of payment will result in the loss of charging privileges.
Once your child reaches $10.20 in charges, a phone call will be made to the home stating that the student has reached the maximum charge limit. If you owe on the account and your child comes to school with no money or no bagged meal, your child will receive an alternate meal, consisting of a cheese sandwich and white milk, until the account is paid in full. The charge for each one of these alternative meals will be $1.00. The cafeteria cannot deny receipt of a current meal to pay for a past due account when the child is either prepaying or pays on a daily basis. However, if a child has a negative balance in their account we will not permit them to buy a snack or drink until their negative balance is paid.
Any student who prepays into their meal account with a NSF check, that dollar amount plus any bank charges will be deducted from that Student’s account upon receipt of the NSF check from the bank. The cafeteria will no longer accept checks for a student’s account once a NSF check has been written.